Madeleine Hall-Arber on a fishing vessel as a graduate student
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MIT Sea Grant helps integrate New Bedford’s fishing heritage with the surrounding community

MIT Sea Grant helped launch the New Bedford Fishing Heritage Center by securing grant funding and designing exhibits to connect the local community in New Bedford with their thriving commercial fishing port. Commercial fishing is a significant…
A Coast Guard boat
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MIT Sea Grant fisheries emergency manual expanded to include fishing communities in Maine and New Hampshire

MIT Sea Grant adapted information from community leader interviews, based on a step-by-step manual designed to help fishing communities in Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire to help them prepare for and respond to crises. 1st Edition…
Two hands tying knots in fishing line
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MIT Sea Grant Coastal Program increases literacy and workforce development in fisheries and coastal resources

The MIT Sea Grant Coastal Resources Program trained and educated nine interns and 1,655 students, teachers, citizen scientists, volunteers, and public groups in fisheries management, coastal ecology, and ecosystem services. MIT Sea Grant…