The Blue Future Conference 2022 is produced by economic development nonprofit The Plymouth Foundation and ProMare, the nonprofit behind the unmanned marine research vessel Mayflower Autonomous ship. This new conference will gather leaders and innovators from across the blue technology arena to explore the “now” and “next” of Plymouth’s marine economy. MIT Sea Grant’s Marine Extension Specialist, Danny Badger, will speak on the Blue Workforce panel. >>Visit the Blue Future Conference page

Our marine environment is essential to the future of our region and our Commonwealth. Innovations in the collection, use, and application of research data are necessary if we are to meet the challenge of evaluating the current state and predicting future conditions of our rapidly changing marine ecosystems.

The goal of the Blue Future Conference 2022, the Now and Next of Plymouth’s Marine Economy, is to introduce new and future technologies that support our traditional marine economy, advancing the management of marine resources, including fisheries, energy, aquaculture, sanctuaries, cultural heritage, and climate mitigation and adaptation.

The centerpiece of this conference is the Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS), the first unmanned autonomous vessel to cross the Atlantic Ocean using AI and edge computing. MAS ‘ arrival in the US exemplifies the technological advances needed now and in the future to nurture our oceans, find sustainable solutions to improve its health, and provide a strong and sustainable foundation for a new blue economy.