Dedicated to the development and application of autonomous underwater vehicles, MIT Sea Grant’s AUV Lab is a leading developer of advanced unmanned marine robots. 

The laboratory also serves as a training ground for graduate and undergraduate students, visiting engineers, and scientists, from around the world, who both learn from and contribute to the Lab’s current research activities.

REx on the Charles River with the Boston skyline in the background

The Remote Explorer (Rex) autonomous surface vehicle is continuously improved upon by the AUV Lab at MIT Sea Grant, including adding navigation and underwater wireless communication systems.

Because our vehicles can function without tethers, cables, or remote control, they have a multitude of applications in oceanography, environmental monitoring, and underwater resource studies. Above is a bathymetric map MIT Sea Grant developed with the Charles River Alliance of Boaters (CRAB).


Michelle Kornberg at the MIT Sailing Pavilion dock on the Charles River with a row of sailboats behind
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Understanding the Impact of Climate Change on the Ocean: MIT Sea Grant Undergraduate Researcher Michelle Kornberg

Photo: Tony Pulsone From Boston Harbor to Australia, MIT Sea Grant undergraduate researcher Michelle Kornberg and MIT Mechanical Engineering explore the Ocean Engineering field: “It marries the holistic side of living on planet Earth…
Michael Sacarny pointing to the Charles River map
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MIT Sea Grant river chart helps inform land-use planning near Charles River

MIT Sea Grant addresses balancing the needs of land development with loss of river use with regard to depth data in areas under consideration. Recently, there have been two groups proposing development of better walkways and parkland along…
MIT AUV Lab's Paul Robinette talks to a couple with a baby about a yellow AUV on display

Join MIT Sea Grant at the Cambridge Science Festival Robot Zoo on Saturday April 14th!

Want to try driving an underwater robot? MIT Sea Grant will have tanks and a pool set up at the Cambridge Science Festival's Robot Zoo. Kids and adults alike can drive a Sea Perch underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROV) or test their piloting…
Four male students stand on the dock at the MIT Sailing Pavilion with a surface vehicle resembling a miniature boat that they developed

Undergraduate students join MIT Sea Grant for hands on summer research

MIT Sea Grant's teaching lab was bustling this summer with more than 10 undergraduate students, and a handful of exceptional high school students all working on projects that varied from mapping eelgrass using drones to building ocean drifters…