MIT MechE/MIT Sea Grant students Emma Rutherford and Alexander Zhang with their poster and housing design for a high-speed underwater camera.

The MIT Mechanical Engineering De Florez Award Competition took place on Thursday May 11th to recognize Course 2 students demonstrating “Outstanding Ingenuity and Creative Judgment” in areas that utilize mechanical engineering knowledge or practice. >>View All 2023 Competition Winners

Three MIT Sea Grant UROP students, Emma Rutherford, Alexander Zhang, and Maaya Prasad, took 1st prize in Undergraduate Science & Design for their high-speed underwater camera housing. The team’s poster describes the challenges of capturing high-speed photography in marine environments:

High-speed photography provides visual storytellers the tools to both produce dramatic imagery and gain scientific insight into animal phenomena that occur to fast for the naked eye to see. However, it is difficult to bring to a marine environment due to requirements such as a large power supply, massive data storage capacity, and prevention of instrument overheating. This work outlines the development of a first prototype submersible high speed camera system with focus on thermal regulation.

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