Fishing boat on the water at sunrise

MIT Sea Grant collaborated with the Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen’s Alliance on the “Small Boats, Big Taste” program with partners across MA, including the Greater Boston Food Bank. The efforts helped connect families and foodbanks with local seafood from independent small-boat fishermen throughout the pandemic. >>Learn more in this update from CCCFA CEO John Pappalardo!

February 23, 2023 | By John Pappalardo

When we launched our “Small Boats, Big Taste” program soon after COVID struck, we had clear goals but no idea if we could realize them:

  • Help independent small-boat fishermen and the fishing industry navigate past the pandemic’s new barriers.
  • Feed growing numbers of people facing food insecurity that comes when money shrinks.
  • Build local demand for local fish and keep it going and growing after start-up philanthropic support ends.

We’re a couple of years in now, making haddock chowder and skate stew by the boatload and truckload, and lo and behold something remarkable (even beautiful) is happening.

It’s working.

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