Join MIT Sea Grant for a symposium on Thursday, March 17th from 1-4:30 PM with our FY2020 and FY2021 funded researchers and Knauss Fellow. Please register to receive the symposium agenda and link.

Thursday, March 17th 2022
1 – 4:30 PM
Virtual + open to public (Register)


  • Amy Mueller, Northeastern University: Miniature E-Jet Printed Multi-Sensors for Aquaculture Water Quality Monitoring and Management
  • Jeff Dusek, Olin College of Engineering: Pervasive Monitoring of Offshore Aquaculture Installations using Moored Profilers
  • Alexandra Techet, MIT: Low Cost, Autonomous, Real-Time 3D Imaging for Offshore Aquaculture Health Monitoring and Stock Assessment
  • Lucila Houtjin Bloemendaal: Knauss Marine Policy Fellow, NOMEC Executive Secretary, NOAA NOS Office of Coast Survey
  • Yoel Fink, MIT: 3D Sensing Aquaculture Nets
  • Grgur Tokic, MIT: Implementation of Large-Scale Pervasive Ocean Acidity Monitoring Using a Distributed System of Autonomous Mobile Robots
  • Themistoklis Sapsis, MIT: Ecosystem Characterization in the US North East Coast using Big Data and Machine Learning
  • Yuming Liu, MIT: Real-Time Ocean Environment and Aquaculture Structure Load/Motion Predictions through Physics-Informed Machine Learning
  • Lee Freitag and Nicholas Rypkema, WHOI/MIT: Low-Cost Underwater Robotic Tools for Automated Inspection and Monitoring of Offshore Aquaculture Farms
  • Justin Ries, Northeastern University: Multi-Sensor Reconstruction of pH and Temperature in Gulf of Maine
  • Michael Benjamin and Michael Sacarny, MIT: Advancing Marine Autonomy for Remote Aquaculture Sustainment

Questions? Please email Research Coordinator Mary Newton Lima (