Sea Grant Undergraduate Research Awards

Lead Pi: Chrys Chryssostomidis · 8/1996 - 2/1998

Project Personnel:

Project number: 1996-E-1

Objectives:To support marine related activities of the MIT Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) by 1) Encouraging undergraduate students at MIT and Wellesley College to participate actively in marine related research programs, 2) Providing student assistance to MIT faculty in marine related research programs, 3) Publicizing the Sea Grant College Program throughout the Institute, and 4) Providing undergraduate students from MIT and Wellesley College with the opportunity to participate in marine related investigations early in their education.Methodology:Sea Grant/UROP awards are advertised and awarded to MIT and Wellesley undergraduates during the fall or spring terms. Each fall the best project of previous year is selected. Its student investigator receives the Dean A Horn Award which includes an $800 honorarium.Rationale:We contribute an important education experience for the students. We are frequently the first exposure students have to the application of science and engineering to marine and environmental problems and introduce marine science as a career path.