Sea Grant Program Management

Objectives:The MIT Sea Grant College Program is responsible for Sea Grantís activities in Massachusetts and works as senior partner in collaboration with the Sea Grant Institutional Program at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Program Management objectives are to support the goals of the National Sea Grant College Program and those of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology by deploying financial and human resources in appropriate endeavors throughout the Commonwealth. Program Management (PM-1) will support and guide MIT Sea Grant operations, strategic planning, and overall research direction, in keeping with the NSGO program strategies, goals and objectives.Methodology:Broad policy and program directions are established by two advisory bodies working in concert with the Sea Grant Director. The State Advisory Council and the Sea Grant Faculty Committee meet twice a year, first to review preliminary proposals where projects are selected for recommendation for full write-up. At the second meeting, usually in December, The Joint Committee reviews research objectives, advisory themes, and overall strategy for the program for the coming year.Rationale:MIT Sea Grant oversees multiple initiatives and activities connected to its overall mission. It is the locus for activities and personnel of the MIT Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Laboratory, a mutually beneficial collaboration. The Labís research staff and students stimulate and support many of our most important advisory and research efforts and, in turn, all visitors to MIT Sea Grant are exposed to the latest technological developments and deployments by the Lab.