Sea Grant Program Development Opportunities

Lead Pi: Chrys Chryssostomidis · 3/2001 - 2/2003

Project Personnel: Richard Morris

Project number: 2001-PM-2

Objectives:To respond flexibly and rapidly to new project development opportunities, to provide ‘seed’ fund incentives to attract innovative project ideas, and to provide limited supplemental support to existing projects to achieve important results beyond the original scope of proposal.Methodology:Unanticipated developments arise each program year, creating opportunities for new Sea Grant research, education and advisory service projects. These developments normally fall into three broad categories:1. new project efforts that respond to specific marine related issues or problems; sponsors often will provide substantial matching support if initial effort can be started promptly,2. innovative ideas advanced by faculty members to attack new or existing marine problems; limited seed funding provides to start up support; and,3. extension or expansion of existing project efforts beyond the original scope; limited supplemental support often produces important, additional results.Rationale:IN order to provides impetus for research and advisory projects with regional focus (i.e. projects addressing regional issues or concerns, projects that two or more programs support with companion or supporting effort, and projects that draw on disciplines more effectively provided from a regional pool of expertise) funding through PM-2 is viewed as an appropriate use of ‘seed funding’ in that initial effort having potentially great impact at a higher, more structured level could be undertaken.