Marine Communications/Information Service

Objectives:Our objectives are 1) to disseminate the groundbreaking findings of MITSG-funded researchers to the general public, educators, and fellow scientists in order to increase stewardship of our marine and coastal resources; 2) to foster a community of citizen-scientists who can address critical marine and coastal issues through interactive web resources; 3) to collaborate with MITSG staff to develop events, workshops, conferences, symposia, and special programs that heighten awareness of, and engagement with marine and coastal issues, particularly those issues that highlight the work of MITSG researchers and advisory staff; and 4) to reach new audiences through strategic partnerships with cultural organizations and artist residencies.Methodology:Communications provides products and services to stakeholders and users of our coastal and marine ecosystems via these means: 1) web-based services; 2) publications; and 3) dedicated efforts to reach selected audiences, including community outreach, special events and collaborations.Rationale:Communications is a critical component of all Sea Grant efforts. The ability to comprehensively and effectively translate science, engineering, social sciences, and other areas addressed by the research and advisory staff is essential. Through effective communication, education, and outreach efforts geared toward target audiences, we can best insure that the public and others have the tools, i.e., the information, necessary to make wise decisions leading toward a sustainable marine environment and economy.