Marine Communications/Information Service

Objectives:(1) To develop and implement innovative products and services to best convey the relevance and value of Sea Grant funded research, outreach and education to wide-ranging audiences, thereby increasing public awareness and understanding of marine and coastal issues.(2) To create and utilize a comprehensive system that allows for easy input, storage, browsing and usage of information about all MIT Sea Grant projects, past and present.Methodology:The communications department disseminates information via electronic media and traditional print products that include reports, reprints, citizens’ guides, newsletters, brochures, curricula, and other materials. Communications also maintains all program archives.We employ electronic and traditional media to reach wide audiences. An extensive media relations campaign is a key component for reaching constituents. Educational outreach efforts undertaken by communications staff (Andrea Cohen, communications manager, and Ben Bray, electronic media specialist) projects such as the Sea Grant Lecture, The Charles River Clean-Up, and eelgrass restoration. These involve collaboration with other advisory components within MIT Sea Grant, other Sea Grant programs and external organizations.Rationale:Communications is a critical component of all Sea Grant efforts. The ability to comprehensively and effectively translate science, engineering, social sciences, and other areas addressed by the research and advisory staff is essential. Through effective communication, education, and outreach efforts geared toward target audiences, we can best insure that the public and others have the tools, i.e., the information, necessary to make wise decisions leading toward a sustainable marine environment and economy.