Objectives:1. Disseminate the groundbreaking findings of MIT Sea Grant-funded researchers to the general public, educators, and fellow scientists in order to increase stewardship of our marine and coastal resources2. Foster a community of citizen-scientists to address critical marine and coastal issues using social media, listservs, interactive Websites, educational and promotional videos, and other cutting edge Internet resources.3. Collaborate with MIT Sea Grant staff to develop events and special programs that heighten constituent awareness of, and engagement with marine and coastal issues, particularly those issues that highlight the work of MIT Sea Grant-funded researchers and advisory staff. Methodology:Working closely with administrative and research staff, MIT Sea Grant College Program (MIT Sea Grant) Communication Specialist develops quality Internet content and print materials; generates timely press releases and news stories; writes, edits, and designs engaging outreach and promotional materials; produces short programmatic news-style video productions; serves as primary news media contact; and coordinates special outreach and cultural events.Rationale:Communications (refers to MIT Sea Grant Communication Specialist and others that support this effort) is a critical component our program, as it is for all Sea Grant programs. The ability to comprehensively and effectively translate science, engineering, social science, climate change, and other areas addressed by investigators and staff for a layman audience is essential. Through effective communication, education, and outreach projects, MIT Sea Grant plays an important role in equipping coastal communities, coastal managers, and all those with a vested interest in a sustainable marine environment and marine economy, with the research and resources necessary to make sound decisions.