A Coastal Community Development Program for Massachusetts – Phase 1

Lead Pi: Judith Pederson · 9/2001 - 2/2003

Project Personnel: Clifford Goudey

Project number: 2001-A-27

Objectives:Assess any changed needs in Massachusetts for outreach in Coastal Community DevelopmentDevelopment strategies and collaborative processes for responding to those needsAssist coastal communities in Massachusetts responding to changes in security requirements and resulting economic impacts brought on by the terrorist events of September 11, 2001Collaborate with regional Sea Grant programs in resource and idea sharing related to Coastal Community DevelopmentMethodology:We will consult with relevant communities, agencies, and industry. We will develop outreach materials, hold focus groups and conduct workshops. We will use the web to disseminate information to users.Rationale:“Ports [are] among the country’s greatest points of vulnerability [yet] no national plan exists to thwart attacks against them, to respond if one happens, or to organize a community afterwards,” (NY Times, 11/07/01, On the Dock, Holes in the Security Net are Gaping, p.B5). Unlike airports, our coastal ports of entry can not be made secure without impacting the communities in and surrounding them or often intermingle with ocean commerce sites. Balancing security with traditional rights of waterfront access, tourism, domestic vessel access is a new challenge to both large and small coastal communities. Through this project, MITSG will facilitate a statewide dialog aimed at identifying effective strategies for this post-9/11 reality.