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NOAA Sea Grant today announced $3.5 million in federal funding to support two efforts aiding sustainable growth of U.S. seafood, one focused on improving coordination for marine aquaculture development and another that addresses COVID-19 impacts to seafood resources. Funds will support a National Aquaculture Extension Coordinator and 13 projects to increase resilience of seafood resources.

The selected projects:

  • Continue NOAA Sea Grant’s efforts initiated via FY2020 COVID-19 rapid response funding;

  • Support or promote the use of aquaculture products to restore wild fisheries, marketing, food security, consumer awareness and acceptance of seafood products, workforce development, tourism, and human health resources including mental health; and

  • Encourage partnerships with industry through extension, communication, education, research, or a combination of these activities.

Addressing COVID-19 Impacts by Supporting Fishermen, Seafood Industry Partners, and Food Banks (MIT Sea Grant, PI:Michael Triantafyllou) received $200,000 in Federal Funding. This project seeks to continue to establish, via fish chowder, expanded alternative markets for seafood products in support of the seafood industry, which experienced substantial financial impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic. This activity will establish partnerships with businesses, retailers, and institutions, with the goal of creating a sustainable long-term business model providing alternative markets and revenue streams for the local seafood and fishing industry and communities that depend on them.