Good Will from the Gill nets MIT Sea Grant $900 for Education and Outreach

On Saturday July 25, 2009 Whole Foods Market on Prospect street in Cambridge held a community event titled “Good Will from the Gill”, a clambake to promote community education about sustainable seafood, marine science and more. Whole Foods Market graciously donated the proceeds of this event to MIT Sea Grant’s Center for Ocean Education and Technology. MIT Sea Grant’s marine educator, Sarah Olivo, was present at the event to answer questions about MIT Sea Grant’s educational programs and research. Over 180 people visited the event, which raised $908 for the Center for Ocean Education and Technology.

“This past Saturday, Whole Foods Market at Prospect Street ROCKED IT with our Good Will From The Gill event!! Our customers received corn on the cob, homemade potato salad which I prepared using a local chef¡s recipe (and as many local ingredients as possible), a soda from Maine Root (donated!), a shucked oyster or littleneck from Pigeon Cove, AND a delicious clambake of potato, mussels, and clams made by our fabulous SFTL Patrick! All in all we served 181 people in 3 hours, raising $908 for the MIT Sea Grant Program™that¡s over 1 person served a minute!!!!Our new and fabulous demo coordinator Alex Wilson manned the table like a pro. The potato salad recipe from local celebrity chef JJ Gonson called for homemade pickles. I used as many local ingredients as possible including garlic scapes and fresh herbs. We printed out the pickle recipe and displayed our canning jars to get the idea across, and let our customers know that we¡re the go toŒ place for canning equipment!! JJ Gonson herself also came by to talk about pickling, local foods, and everything in between.Lots of happy customers!!!! Heaps of thanks go to everyone involved for weathering the blistering heat, and with a smile to boot!” — Melissa Brown, Whole Foods

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