MIT Sea Grant Marine Industry Collegium

Lead Pi: Richard Morris · 08/1996 - 07/1998

Project Personnel:

Project number: 1996-A-1

Objectives:To provide an effective and efficient mechanism for the direct transfer of Sea Grant research results to the marine community at large and specifically, Collegium member organizations representing industry, academia, and government. The transfer of technology and knowledge occurs through a variety of services that the Collegium provides to its members. These services ensure that the latest results of current marine research are delivered to the user community in a timely and effective manner and that the needs of the user community are in turn effectively conveyed to the research community.Methodology:Sponsor three to four workshops per year on topics that are either of current interest to Collegium members or focus on a specific theme area that has received significant Sea Grant research funding. A broad and diverse array of publications will also be distributed to members to keep them informed of current research efforts in a variety of marine related fields. Members will receive personal attention their individual needs through responses to their specific information requests, hosting their visits to the MIT campus, and by acting as their liaison with the academic community. Member research interests will be solicited periodically and conveyed to academic researchers. Rationale:The Collegium has developed a mechanism for efficient and effective transfer of marine related research results to the user community. This transfer program also assists in identifying the current and future needs of the marine community. The needs, once identified, assist researchers in the development of proposals that are reflective of these expressed needs. The resultant product of this program is a process whereby all interested parties can transfer both technology and knowledge in a timely manner that contributes to the economic health of the marine community and the wise use of our natural resources.