MIT Sea Grant Advisory Services

Lead Pi: Norman Doelling · 8/1992 - 7/1996

Project Personnel:

Project number: 1992-A-12

Objectives:To identify, solve, and/or refer marine related problems to Sea Grant researchers which are appropriate for Sea Grant to assist in the wise use of marine resources; to educate the public about marine issues; and to inform all audiences about Sea Grant research, advisory, and educational activities. Methodology:To use all outreach mechanisms from mass media to individual agents, researchers and students to educate and activate responsible actions from the broadest possible constituency. The Marine Industry Collegium (A-1) focuses on technology transfer among Sea Grant Faculty, corporations, and governmental agencies. The Center for Fisheries Engineering (A-2) responds to fisheries engineering needs expressed by the commercial fishing community and other ocean engineering problems. The Massachusetts Marine Liaison Service (A-3) responds to citizens’ needs and problems of local and state coastal agencies. The Communications/Information Service (A-4) reaches all audiences from the very technical to the layperson. Use of faculty and students in Advisory Projects (A-5) supports A-3 in responding to problems requiring sophisticated technological input.Rationale:Sea Grant research projects function best when user needs are clearly identified and when continual user interaction takes place. Advisory functions as the interface between the academic research and the many audiences it affects.