Marine Communication/ Information Service

Lead Pi: Andrea Cohen · 3/2001 - 2/2003

Project Personnel:

Project number: 2001-A-4

Objectives:To use a range of outreach methods to communicate to Sea Grant research, advisory, and education to a wide-ranging audience, including resarchers, coastal managers, government agency personnel, industry professionals, Congress, educators, fishermen, media, citizens’ groups, libraries, and the general public.Methodology:The communications department disseminates information by publishing and distributing publications that include technical reports, reprints, citizens’ guides, newsletters, brochures, and program reports. We employ innovative technology, including electronic media, to reach a wide audience. Exhibits and flexible displays are used to reach a range of target audiences. An extensive media relations campaign is a key component for reaching constituents. Educational outreach efforts such as the Sounds of the Sea exhibit involve collaboration both with other Sea Grant programs and external organizations. Community outreach efforts such as the Magazine Beach Clean-Up involve similar collaboration and raise public awareness about coastal issues. The INformation Service provides publica access to marine-related materials; it also maintains program archives.Rationale:Communications is a critical components of all Sea Grant efforts. The ability to comprehensively and effectively translate science, engineering, social sciences, and other areas addressed by the research and advisory staff is essential. Through effective communication, education, and outreach efforts geared toward specific, target audiences, we can best insure that the public and others have the tools, i.e., the information, necessary to make wise decisions leading toward a sustainable marine environment and economy.