Host-associated microbial communities (microbiome) in corals, their activity in response to environmental stress and to lesions caused by White Plague disease

Lead Pi: Janelle Thompson · 7/2010 - 6/2012

Project Personnel:

Project number: 2010-DOH-41-LEV
Strategic Focus Area: Healthy Coastal Ecosystems

The proposed research will focus on understanding the microbial communities (microbiome) associated with corals off the coast of Brazil on the Androlhos Bank (Mussismilia brazilienses.) In collaboration with colleagues from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Dr. Thompson will run detailed diagnostic tests to analyze the response of these biomes to environmental stress, particularly White Plague disease. Coral reefs are declining rapidly throughout the world and there is an urgent need to understand the effects of environmental stresses on corals, particularly White Plague disease.