Diatoms: Biology and Applications. A Resource for Innovators

Lead Pi: Donald Lombardi · 2/2014 - 3/2015

Project Personnel: Anne Whitson, E. Ray Pariser

Project number: 2014-E/E-78-PD
Strategic Focus Area: Healthy Coastal Ecosystems

Diatoms play a central role in our oceans, waterways, and atmosphere. Although there is a wealth of research on these organisms, they are poorly understood by both the general public and by professionals in science, education, business, and policy. We will develop a set of tools to stimulate awareness, research, and innovation regarding the commercial applications of diatoms in biomedicine and industry. The first step is a print publication aimed at a general (professional) audience to raise public awareness. This will be followed by a curated, on-line ìroadmapî to the literature, of similar scope to the book, but directed to research and development professionals in relevant fields. A third phase could be a challenge grant program to funded jointly with potential investors to award grants for a “best idea” for a commercially feasible venture that exploits diatoms’ unique attributes.