Center for Fisheries Engineering

Lead Pi: Clifford Goudey · 8/1996 - 2/1998

Project Personnel:

Project number: 1996-A-2

Objectives:1. To provide the New England fishing industry with information and technical expertise on fisheries engineering and aquaculture.2. To provide trawl and aquaculture pen testing services at the David Taylor Model Basion (DTMB) in Bethesda, MD.3. To identify techniques for the reducation of marine mammal and endangered species bycatch in the tuna pair trawling fishery.4. To demonstrate recirculating aquaculture systems and their applications in commercial fish farming in an urban setting.5. To identify and demonstrate sea scallop enhancement and culture techniques aimed at improving the productivity and sustainability of the east coast sea scallop industry. Methodology:Through consultations with industry members and the undertaking of specific investigations, problems confronting the fishing industry will be addressed. Rationale:The U.S. fishing industry is confronted by a myriad of problems ranging from the scarcity of resources to political pressure regarding wasteful fishing practices. Many of these problems will respond to the application of sound engineering.