Center for Fisheries Engineering Research

Lead Pi: Clifford Goudey · 2/2007 - 1/2008

Project Personnel: Brandy Wilbur

Project number: 2007-A/A-2

Objectives:1. Assist the New England fishing industry by providing information and technical expertise on fisheries engineering.2. Develop improved tools and techniques for the study of fisheries related problems that can be addressed through cooperative research.3. To assist in the development of sustainable methods of aquaculture appropriate to the U.S. EEZ. 4. Demonstrate recirculating aquaculture systems and their application in commercial fish farming in an urban setting to the public and industry. 5. Reduce marine and endangered species mortalities by identifying innovative fishing gear design.Methodology:Through consultations with industry members and the undertaking of specific investigations, problems confronting the fishing industry will be addressed.Rationale:The US fishing and aquaculture industries are confronted by a myriad of problems ranging from the scarcity of resources to political pressure to change traditional practices. Many of these problems will respond to the application of sound engineering and science based decision making.