3D Sensing Aquaculture Nets

Lead Pi: Yoel Fink · 02/2020 - 01/2022

Project number: R/RC-157

Objectives: To design and field test three dimensionally distributed, depth profiling sensing capabilities into aquaculture nets to improve efficiency and yield of aquaculture operations in accordance with industry needs.

Methodology: Environmentally-sealed fibers with embedded temperature-sensing microelectronics will be integrated into marine ropes using industrial equipment and field tested. The sensing ropes will be at least 50m in length and exhibit the ability to measure temperature at a defined spatial resolution and accuracy in order to report ocean temperature as a function of depth on site at aquaculture farms. The sensing rope will be connected to an environmentally sealed, miniature circuit to collect and transmit data. The ropes will be tested in the laboratory and in the field.

Rationale: This demonstration leverages the inherent spatially distributed net structure in aquaculture farms to perform 3D sensing measurements to provide more comprehensive information and reduce the cost and logistical burden of aquaculture sensing. One of the most critical parameters to measure, temperature, can be correlated to fish growth, health, feeding behavior among others.

It will be a platform demonstration for other environmental sensing capabilities that are of interest to the aquaculture community, including salinity, water turbidity, dissolved oxygen, pH, fish distribution, feeding needs and fish growth efficacy.