Oyster farm with many wire enclosures on flat wet sand


Overcoming Impediments to Shellfish Aquaculture through Legal Research and Outreach

Legal and permitting issues are consistently ranked as a critical impediment to domestic aquaculture development, and the regulatory landscape facing the aquaculture industry can be confusing and complicated. In 2017, the National Sea Grant College Program funded a multi-institutional, national collaboration to help address these issues by examining impediments to shellfish aquaculture across the United States, which resulted in the creation of eight case studies.

In addition to the NSGLC, project partners include attorneys from the Rhode Island Sea Grant Legal Program at Roger Williams University School of Law, the Virginia Coastal Policy Center at William & Mary Law School, the Carl Vinson Institute of Government at the University of Georgia, and the California Sea Grant Program.


Wednesdays from 2 – 3 pm 

  • July 17: Federal Issues – NWP 48 and Endangered Species Act – NSGLC
  • July 31: Evolving Regulatory Structure – Carl Vinson Institute of Government, University of Georgia
  • August 14: Operational Limitations – Nursery Siting and Boat Access – Rhode Island Sea Grant Legal Program, Roger Williams University School of Law
  • August 21: Certification of Shellfish Growing Waters in the EEZ – California Sea Grant Program
  • August 28: Permitting and User Conflicts – Virginia Coastal Policy Center, William & Mary Law School