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MIT Sea Grant is well known for its work in naval architecture and systems. This work is centered in the MIT Sea Grant Design Lab and includes the following groups and projects:

Electric Ship Research and Development Consortium

Former MIT Sea Grant Director, Chryssostomos Chryssostomidis, is a leader of the national ESRDC, a consortium of programs and institutions involved in electric ship design and construction, and electric power research. The ESRDC's mission is to design an all-electric vessel for the US Navy and to provide educational opportunities for students who will become the nation's electric power engineers in the future. Overall direction and management of the consortium resides with the US Office of Naval Research.


This group, funded by Google, is creating a GUI-based, user-friendly tool that allows both professionals and novices to design propellers and turbines using open-source code. The team maintains the OpenProp Wiki where you will find free software for designing optimized marine propulsors.

Numerics in Computational Engineering (NiCE)

Numerical simulation is playing an increasingly important role in many ocean-related areas, such as regional forecasting, exploring novel designs for underwater communications, or even designing new vessels based on novel hydrodynamic concepts. The NiCE group at MIT - with expertise in multi-scale mathematics and high performance computing - aims to develop new modeling and simulation methods in order to complement and enhance ongoing funded experimental and field experiments related to the aforementioned topics.


T-Craft is the US Navy's Transformable Craft. MIT Sea Grant receives funding from the Office of Naval Research to design and model a propulsion system for a multihull vessel capable of ferrying heavy tanks from ships at sea through the surf and onto beachheads.

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Design Lab Directory

Chrys Chryssostomidis
Emeritus Director, MIT Sea Grant (through February 6, 2017)
Doherty Professor of Ocean Science and Engineering
Professor, Post-Tenure of Mechanical & Ocean Engineering

Julie Chalfant
Research Scientist

George Karniadakis
Research Scientist, MIT
Professor of Applied Mathematics, Brown University

Luca Bonfiglio
Postdoctoral Associate

Paris Perdikaris
Postdoctoral Associate

Ajay Kottapalli
Research Affiliate

Zhicheng Wang
Postdoctoral Associate