Sea Perch Institute Challenge 2010

The 2009-2010 institute included teams from Swampscott Middle School (Swampscott, Mass.), Rogers High School (Newport, R.I.), Meridian Academy (Brookline, Mass.), and Minuteman Regional High School (Lexington, Mass.). Students used their Sea Perch ROVs to map the area, analyze water quality, and remove debris and cargo. The four schools had to work progressively, cooperatively, and against the clock to complete the mission. Each school was assigned a task and had to complete their work within 45 minutes. The assignments were as follows:

Meridian Academy : Using their Sea Perch ROVs, the Meridian Academy students had to find and map the location of the wreck and cargo.

Swampscott Middle School : The Swampscott students, using the map provided by the Meridian students, had to collect and analyze water samples from around the wreck using their specialized Sea Perch vehicles. These students needed to determine if anything was leaking from the wrecked ship or its cargo and if so, whether the substance(s) were hazardous. Students marked the site of any contamination on the map.

Rogers High School : Using Sea Perch ROVs fitted with grabber arms, the Rogers students had to recover the cargo containers, starting with those deemed most hazardous by the Swampscott students.

Minuteman Regional High School : With the wreck now lightened by the Rogers students cargo recovery operation, the Minuteman students had to use their Sea Perch ROVs to determine if they could raise the ship to the surface and bring it to shore, or take it "out to sea," sink it, and use it for an artificial reef.

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Rachel VanCott
Ocean Literacy Communicator
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Kathryn Shroyer
Engineering Educator
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