The Gulf of Maine Regional Ocean Science Initiative

Please share your thoughts on keeping the Gulf of Maine healthy for future generations.

The Gulf of Maine is a highly productive area that is being stressed by human activities. Often data and information are not available to managers to answer the most basic questions in ways that are useful to determine if individual or collective use will harm the environment. The Gulf of Maine Regional Ocean Science Council would like to your thoughts about what are the major issues threatening the Gulf of Maine and Southern New England and what research and activities would ensure a healthy and productive ecosystem.

The questions below are intended to stimulate your thinking about critical issues for the Gulf of Maine and Southern New England and will serve to focus the development of a regional ocean science plan to address these issues.

  • What are the greatest threats to a healthy Gulf of Maine ecosystem?
  • What research will provide appropriate and timely support for addressing management concerns
  • What is needed to support integrated coastal management?
  • What tools exist or are needed to translate scientific information for managers, policy makers, and stakeholders?
  • What is needed to foster cooperation and collaboration of the state, federal, and regional programs?
  • What are the opportunities for funding and sustaining support for regional research?

What do you think?

What is the biggest challenges the region will face in the future and what can be done to address these challenges?

Please send your response to the these questions
in an email to Judy Pederson, (