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Settlement Inhibition of Fouling Invertebrate Larvae by Metabolites of the Marine Bacterium "Halomonas marina" within a Polyurethane Coating

Thomas D. Perry, Manfred Zinn, Ralph Mitchell
7 pp.
MITSG 06-05J
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The marine bacterium, "Halomonas marina" (ATCC27129), was shown to inhibit settlement and development of the sessile invertebrates "Balanus amphitrite" and "Bugula neritina." Different bacterial treatments were employed to investigate this interaction. Filmed bacteria and liquid suspensions of whole cells, lysed cells and culture filtrate all reduced settlement of "B. amphitrite." Polyurethane coatings containing whole cells were partially inhibitory while lysed cells caused complete inhibition of "B. amphitrite" larval settlement. In contrast, culture filtrate in a polyurethane matrix stimulated settlement of "B. amphitrite" larvae. Whole cells, culture filtrate, and lysed cells embedded in a polyurethane coating also controlled "B. neritina" settlement and maturation.

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Project No.: 1998-RB-45
Title: Development of Novel Environmentally-Accepted Marine Antifouling Coatings Based on Microbial Metabolities