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Design and Implementation of a Real-time, Chemical Sensor Network.

Joseph Y Wong
119 pp.
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Current methods of environmental chemical data collection are limited in both time and space. This limited set of data inhibits researchers from fully understanding the chemical processes occurring in water bodies. In order to gain further insight, it is necessary to develop a new method of data collection that will increase the amount of data collected many times over. The proposed project will deploy a real-time, chemical sensor network at Upper Mystic Lake. Nodes in the network will collect and store massive amounts of chemical data for subsequent analysis by researchers. The major phases of the project include specification of the network, physical construction of network nodes, software development for control of nodes, and testing of network performance. The work will be completed in the Ralph Parsons Laboratory at MIT.

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Project No.: 2003-R/RCM-10
Title: System Integration and Advanced Capabilities for NEREUS, an Odyssey-compatible in-situ Mass Spectrometer