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NEREUS Nemertes: Embedded Mass Spectrometer Control System.

Adam S. Champy
63 pp.
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In this thesis, the author presents Nemertes System, a software suite to control an embedded autonomous mass spectrometer. The author first evaluates previous control systems for the hardware and evaluate a set of software design goals. The NSystem software builds upon the previous functionalities by offering text-file based scheduling and subroutines, as well as customizable scanning and data reporting. He also implements a new calibration technique that is suitable for auto-calibration while in autonomous operation. Overall, the system is designed to be modular and flexible with the expectation of hardware upgrades and changing needs.

type: Full theses / dissertations

Parent Project

Project No.: 2003-R/RCM-10
Title: System Integration and Advanced Capabilities for NEREUS, an Odyssey-compatible in-situ Mass Spectrometer