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Design and manufacturing in a distributed computer environment

Nicholas Patrikalakis, Chryssostomos Chryssostomidis, K. P. Mihanetzis
15 pp.

The design, analysis and manufacture of complex systems, such as ships, automobiles, and aircraft, involves processing on a variety of computers using different programming languages running on different operating systems as well as massive data exchange between different computational processes. The Internet and the emerging distributed computing paradigm provide a unique opportunity for Simulation Based Design spanning the entire range of ship design, analysis and actual manufacture. Using the latest software technologies, based on Object Oriented Programming, modern protocols such as the Common Object Request Broker Architecture, and the acceptance of metadata standards such as the STandard for the Exchange of Product data, (STEP) it is possible to link together these different programs and make them cooperate. The authors have experimented on a small scale with this type of architecture for a range of applications in the Ocean Sciences and Ocean Systems Management, and have provided an experimental system that linked together previously isolated computational programs.

type: Technical reports

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