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Design of a Mobile Coastal Communications Buoy

Meghan Hendry-Brogan
80 pp.
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Recently, the Northeast Consortium funded a novel research initiative to establish wireless acoustic and radio communications as sea. A spar type buoy was designed and built at the MIT Sea Grant facility. Spars are a special type of buoy shape whose hydrostatic and hydrodynamic interactions with the sea are decoupled enough so that extreme sea conditions do not induce extreme buoy motions. The buoy employs a PC104 stack to control an 802.11b wireless card and antenna, an acoustic modem card and transducer, other peripheral instrumentation, a main battery, and a solar power system.

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Parent Project

Project No.: 2001-RCM--REG
Title: GPS Intelligent Buoy System to Support Research in Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Navigation, Mapping and Control