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Assessing the Risk of Introducing Exotic Species via the Live Marine Species Trade

Shannon Weigle, L. David Smith, James T. Carlton
11 pp.
MITSG 05-01J
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Although the shipping industry has received considerable attention as a dispersal mechanism for aquatic nuisance species, many invasions have been linked to other mechanisms of transfer. These authors assessed species introduction risks associated with seven mechanisms of transfer: seafood companies, aquaculture operations, bait shops, stores that sell ornamental species, research and educational organizations, public aquariums, and coastal restoration projects. They administered a survey of such places in coastal Massachusetts and inquired about (1) their proximity to saltwater and methods of handling live imports; (2) the type and quantity of marine species being imported; and (3) the organization's familiarity with marine invasions. Significantly, no single mechanism of transfer stood out as a primary risk, although most types of operations had characteristics or used handling practices that could facilitate introductions.

type: Technical reports

Parent Project

Project No.: 2003-A-5
Title: MIT Sea Grant Center for Coastal Resources