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Marine Aquaculture: Raising Saltwater Fish in your Classroom: Volume I--Teacher Edition

Brandy Moran, Clifford Goudey, Alan Hankin
94 pp.
MITSG 01-13
$15.00 DOM

This curriculum (as well as the student workbook, available separately) is designed to improve student inquiry skills and enhance knowledge of the life, physical, and earth sciences through one of the key elements of marine resource management today: aquaculture. The activities meet grades 6-8 Massachusetts learning standards in those sciences plus technology/engineering and mathematics, and are adaptable to high school settings. The curriculum begins with preliminary information about aquaculture and the construction of a recirculating system. Units 2 through 6 involve maintenance, production of live feed, observation of fish development, taking care of fish, and monitoring water quality. Detailed instructions and supporting materials are included, plus a list of sources for supplies and additional reading.

type: Handbooks, manuals, guides/aids

Parent Project

Project No.: 1999-E-26
Title: Aquaculture Courses for Massachusetts High School Students

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