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Experimental Study of Flapping Fins in the MIT Water Tunnel

Franz Hover, Karl McLetchie, Melissa D. Harness-Flores
23 pp.
MITSG 04-04
$6.00 DOM

Here engineers present the implementation and results from tests of a pivoted flapping foil device in the MIT Water Tunnel. Two parts comprised the test program. The first is a systematic study of variations in frequency and angles for the purpose of developing mean propulsion forces. The second part is a focused study to assess the effect of pitch bias in the flapping foil, as it pertains to mean lift coefficients, which can be used for maneuvering or for propulsion if mapped onto a rotating propeller.

type: Technical reports

Parent Project

Project No.: 2001-RT-2/RD-13
Title: Biomimetic Rigid Hull Vehicle with Flapping Foils for Enhanced Agility in the Surf Zone and Cluttered Environments

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