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Hear Me Speak: Italian and Portuguese Women Facing Fisheries Management

Madeleine Hall-Arber
27 pp.
MITSG 99-05J
$5.00 DOM

Two of the major groundfish ports in the northeast are Gloucester, dominated by first- and second-generation Italians, and New Bedford whose groundfish fleet is predominantly Portuguese. The women of the two ports face the same potential impacts associated with the current crisis in the fisheries. Loss of incomes, vessels and homes has already begun. In Gloucester, the women have transformed an organization that began as a campaign to promote cooking of underutilized species of fish into an active lobbying force, collaborative problem-solving agency and pro-active civic group. No similar organization has arisen in New Bedford. This article postulates that ethnicity does not directly explain the differences in the activities of the women of these two ports, although it circumstantially correlates with more telling differences in attitudes.

type: Technical reports

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Project No.: 1998-A-3
Title: Center for Marine Social Sciences

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