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US/Egypt Workshop on Sustainable Coastal Development Through Aquaculture and Fisheries

Clifford Goudey, Hauke Kite-Powell
45 pp.
MITSG 99-03
$8.50 (10.50 foreign). DOM

This report describes a National Science Foundation- sponsored workshop held in Alexandria, Egypt on sustainable coastal development through aquaculture and fisheries. The U. S. participants represented a range of academic, government, and private-sector organizations. The workshop focused on three topics: mariculture, fisheries, and environmental sensing. Overviews of each of the topics and historic and current studies are presented, along with problem areas and research directions. Roundtable discussions were held to identify and prioritize topics that emerged as potential collaborative opportunities between the U. S. and Egyptian participants. Emerging proposals are under development and are described in this report for all six of the aquaculture priorities, three of the fisheries priorities, and two of the environmental sensing priorities.

type: Workshops, proceedings, symposia

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