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A Re-examination of Muscle Protein Solubility

Herbert Hultin, Yuming Feng, D. W. Stanley
17 pp.
MITSG 98-09J

This paper discusses factors controlling the extractability of the sarcoplasmic proteins and the conditions under which the myofibrillar proteins of some skeletal muscle tissues are soluble in solutions of low ionic strength. Low ionic strength salt solutions are considered to be those that have ionic strengths of 0.15 (roughly physiological) or less. One of the points made is that there are similarities in the solubility behavior between the sarcoplasmic and the myofibrillar proteins.

type: Technical reports

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Parent Project

Project No.: 1993-RB-32
Title: Study of the Nature and Use of Fish Muscle Myofibrillar Proteins Solubilized in Water

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