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Formulation of a Model for Ship Transit Risk: Final Project Report

Hauke Kite-Powell, Nicholas Patrikalakis, D. Jin
59 pp.
MITSG 98-06
$8.50 (10.50 for foreign requests). DOM

This project investigated the relationship between environmental conditions, vessel characteristics, operator's information about the waterway, and the incidence of groundings and collisions of commercial ships in U. S. waters, using historical data. The authors' physical risk model is that the probability of an accident on a particular transit depends on a set of risk factors or 'explanatory variables.' Bayes' Theorem was employed. Seven findings for transit risk management were determined. Improved data collection suggestions to be applied to maritime accidents in the future were made to the U. S. Coast Guard and Army Corps of Engineers.

type: Technical reports

Parent Project

Project No.: 1996-RC-49-MC
Title: Formulation of a Model for Ship Transit Risk

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