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A Quick Guide to Marine Bioinvasions

Andrea Cohen
8 pp.
MITSG 98-12
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This eight-paneled, color brochure defines, gives examples of, and suggests preventative actions on marine bioinvasions. The introduction of a non-native species, also known as an exotic or bioinvader, does not necessarily spell doom for a habitat, but it can disrupt a delicate balance. An exotic fish may find few predators allowing it to swiftly multiply, monopolize food sources, and crowd out native inhabitants. Green crabs are one example. Invaders travel via ship ballast water, recreational boats, and aquaculture. Case studies of the Japanese shore crab and the comb jelly are included, as well as informative web sites.

type: Handbooks, manuals, guides/aids

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Project No.: 1998-A-4
Title: Marine Communication/ Information Service

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