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Map Based Navigation for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Seamus T. Tuohy, John Leonard, James G Bellingham
12 pp.
MITSG 97-08J
$4.00 DOM

In this work, a map-based navigation algorithm is developed wherein measured geophysical properties are matched to a priori map. The objective is a complete algorithm applicable to a small, power-limited AUV which performs in real time to a required resolution with bounded position error. A standard filter mechanism, based on a bounded interval error model, predicts the position of the vehicle and, therefore, screens extraneous solutions. When multiple solutions are found, a tracking mechanism is applied until a unique vehicle location is determined.

type: Technical reports

Parent Project

Project No.: 1995-RU-20-ONR
Title: Instrumentation to Enable Research into Autonomous Oceangraphic Sampling Networks

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