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The Relationship Between Spherical and Hyperbolic Positioning.

Max Deffenbaugh, James G Bellingham, Henrik Schmidt
6 pp.
MITSG 97-03J
$3.50 domestic, 5.50 foreign. DOM

The spherical positioning system which must know transit time exactly, and the hyperbolic system, which does not know transmit time at all can be seen as the two endpoints of a continuum of systems parameterized by the accuracy with which the transmit time is known. This paper demonstrates that the Cramer-Rao bounds for position accuracy approach those of the spherical navigation system as the variance in the transmit time estimate approaches zero, and approach those of the hyperbolic positioning system as the variance in the transmit time estimate becomes infinite. This observation has practical application in that the position accuracy of a hyperbolic navigation system which transmits at regular time intervals may be improved.

type: Technical reports

Parent Project

Project No.: 1995-RU-20-ONR
Title: Instrumentation to Enable Research into Autonomous Oceangraphic Sampling Networks

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