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Using Science in the Management of Massachusetts Bay and Boston Harbor

Judith McDowell, Judith A Pederson
36 pp.
MITSG 97-16
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Since the mid 1980s when Boston Harbor was deemed one of the dirtiest harbors in the U.S., considerable research and monitoring efforts have gone into understanding processes and developing management approaches to improving water quality in Boston Harbor, as well as Massachusetts and Cape Cod bays. Initial studies focused on identifying and quantifying point and nonpoint sources of pollution, understanding the physical and biogeochemical processes of the bay and the transport, fate and effect of contaminants, as well as examining pollution impacts on living resources in the bays. This report reviews ten years of research and highlights studies that support, and are integrated into management decisions, affecting coastal and marine resources.

type: Workshops, proceedings, symposia

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Project No.: 1996-A-5
Title: Faculty/Student Marine Advisory Service