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Tissue Engineering of Fish Skin: Behavior of Fish Cells on Poly(ethylene glycolterephthalate)/poly(butylene terephthalate) Copolymers in Relation to the Composition of the Polymer Substrate as an Initial Step in Constructing a Robotic/living Tissue Hybrid

Roxane Pouliot, Rosa Azhari, Hala F. Qanadilo
15 pp.
MITSG 04-01J
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In this study, tissue-engineering techniques were combined with fish cell culture techniques in order to study the feasibility of producing a bioartificial tissue resembling fish skin. The ultimate goal is to provide a biomimetic, smooth and controllable skin structure to use on aquatic robots and achieve swimming patterns similar to those of real fish. The authors experimented with three compositions of copolymer films to use as the scaffolds on which to grow fish cells. Overall the experiment was successful in enabling fish cells to attach, proliferate, and express fish skin components on dense and porous polyactive scaffolds.

type: Technical reports

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Project No.: 2003-RB-59
Title: Tissue Engineering of Fish Skin