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Biological Control of Zebra Mussels "Dreissena plymorpha" by Indigenous Bacteria and their Products

Ji-dong Gu, J. S. Maki, Ralph Mitchell
11 pp.
MITSG 96-04J
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The introduction and rapid spread of zebra mussels in the freshwaters of North America have caused serious problems, particularly in the Great Lakes region. To combat this proliferation, the investigators used indigenous bacteria and their products as biological control agents of zebra mussels. A large library of bacterial isolates was established from stressed zebra mussels, and four isolates were used to examine the model of their antagonistic effects. Preliminary findings suggest that the selective bacteria and their products may have potential applications in the development of antifouling coatings and bioactive mulluscides.

type: Technical reports

Parent Project

Project No.: 1993-RT-35
Title: New Approaches to Control of Zebra Mussels by Targeted Microbial Products