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The 1995 Experimental Pair Trawl Fishery for Tuna in the Northwest Atlantic

Clifford Goudey
13 pp.
MITSG 96-17
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An experimental tuna pair trawl fishery was conducted in the northwest Atlantic during the 1995 season, mostly with NMFS observers aboard. Twelve vessels participated, making 33 paired trips. Information was collected on environmental parameters, gear behavior, gear handling practices and their effects on catch and bycatch. Also monitored were headrope depth, tow duration and test protocols to minimize marine mammal and turtle interactions. Bycatch performance criteria were in place as well. Average bycatch rates imply that midwater pair trawling may be the preferred method of exploiting these tuna species. Pair trawling also lands a larger fish.

type: Technical reports

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Project No.: 1995-A-12
Title: MIT Sea Grant Advisory Services

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