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Exotic Species Workshop: Issues Relating to Aquaculture and Biodiversity

Judith A Pederson
56 pp.
MITSG 96-15
$11.50 (13.50 foreign). DOM

There is serious concern for maintaining the biological integrity of marine systems and for supporting exploitation of the oceans for aquaculture and mariculture. Although exotic species have been introduced into marine environments for the past 100 years and longer, we have only recently begun to document these invasions and assess impacts. This workshop is intended to provide an overview, in a regional context, of the issues relating to protection of native resources and biodiversity and the development of aquaculture and mariculture in the Northeast region. From deeper understanding of the scientific issues, potential risk to coastal ecosystems from introductions, transfers, and releases should emerge; and areas where risk is negligible should be identified with resulting benefit to maintaining biological diversity and supporting aquaculture and mariculture.

type: Workshops, proceedings, symposia

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Project No.: 1996-A-5
Title: Faculty/Student Marine Advisory Service

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