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Laboratory Study of the Effect of Sea Walls on Beach Erosion

Paul M. Moody, Ole Madsen
158 pp.
MITSG 95-03
$16.00 DOM

Although much controversy surrounds the relationship between seawalls and coastal erosion, little scientific evidence exists. To rectify that, the researchers constructed a miniature beach and compared the erosion and accretion of an unprotected dune beach with that of a beach protected by a rubble mound seawall. This publication describes experiments in which a programmable wavemaker, simulating natural waves and their seasonal variations, was used to simultaneously pelt the seawall and dune with identical waves. Beaches around protected and unprotected areas exhibited similar levels of erosion, suggesting that sea walls may not deserve their bad reputation. This report will be particularly relevant to coastal zone managers responsible for regulating coastal structures, as well as those engineers who design and construct them.

type: Technical reports

Parent Project

Project No.: 1994-RC-33
Title: Effects of Seawalls on Coastal Sediment Transport