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High-bandwidth, Low-power, Short-range Optical Communication Underwater

James W Bales, Chryssostomos Chryssostomidis
MITSG 95-10J
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There are many applications for which a short-range, high- bandwidth communication link is needed for underwater operations. One example is communication between an AUV and a docking station; another is an AUV `messenger' that would leave shore (or an at-sea facility), travel to a fixed instrument platform, receive a high-speed data dump from the fixed platform, and return to its launch point. Under some conditions, this can be the most energy efficient method for transferring large data sets over long distances through the water column. A model is presented for estimating the performance of an underwater optical system using low-cost, high-intensity, light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Limitations on bandwidth with such a system are discussed, as are limits of the system's range. The investigators analyze two proposed implementations that use off-the-shelf components. Based on this analysis, it appears that low-cost LEDs can be used for high-bandwidth, low-power, short-range, optical communications underwater.

type: Technical reports

Parent Project

Project No.: 1993-RU-25
Title: Focused Research III: Autonomous Underwater Vehicles: Scientific and Industrial Applications

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