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The Residence Time of Freshwater in Boston Harbor

Knut Streitlien
26 pp.
MITSG 94-07

A method for simulating hydrofoils performing large amplitude oscillations in a flow with regions of concentrated vorticity has been developed. The method is based on two-dimensional potentional flow and the theory of functions of a complex variable. The shape of the foil profile is obtained as a Joukowski transformation of a circle. There are three main components in the method: (1) Careful formulation of the velocity potentials for the three degrees of freedom and the point vortices. (2) A new way of releasing vortices at the trailing edge to model the vortex sheet that constitute the wake of the foil. (3) Closed form expressions for the force and moment on the foil, facilitating rapid and accurate calculation these and related quantities.

type: Technical reports

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